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CreepWarts A Harry Potter and Creepypasta.

Takes place in Harry 4th- final years. Also, there is a lot of death and blood. in later chapters Also, there is a lot of death and blood. in later chapters It started out when Hagrid found a. YOU ARE READING. CreepWarts A Harry Potter and Creepypasta Crossover Fanfiction. Draco x Jeff Pansy x Jane Blaise x Ben Harry x Eyeless Jack Hermione x Sally Luna x Ticci Toby Ron x Hoodie Oliver x Masky Ginny x Clockwork Fred and George x Laughing Jack Jeff Slytherin Jane Slytherin Ben Slytherin EJ Ravenclaw Sa. After defeating Mr. Creepypasta, SCP-049 was about to make his wish when he was captured by SCP security guards and put back into the facility. However, unbeknownst to SCP, The Plague Doctor had performed an unorthodox surgical procedure on the monsters that died in the tournament. All were under his command, and perhaps he may escape again.

[BNHA x Creepypasta crossover] Some of the Creepypastas are sent on a dangerous mission and end up in a completely different world with these powers, called 'quirks'. To blend in with the crowd, they act as students in the day,but are killers in the night. They also gain these 'quirks. Read No Eyes from the story Black Butler CreepyPasta Crossover by spooky_kidds with 2,642 reads. crossover, blood, creepypasta. Slender Man, Slender ManAll the. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond. Harry Potter x Creepypasta The Archive may occasionally be slow or unresponsive due to ongoing issues with our Elasticsearch servers. While we have a plan to improve the situation, we expect intermittent problems to continue into early next year. This is a Creepypasta meets Harry Potter fangic all in the title, babe just because it was a random idea that was passed. Hope you enjoy!! My name is Dawn, and this is Midnight. We are witches, at Hogwarts. But something strange has happened to our school. $1Creepypastas come here now. $1We are in gryffndor. $1 $1~ ~ ~ $1 $1 $1"Dawn? What are.

won't let me remove anime tag Send me your OC and I'll give it an honest review! Fandoms accepted: Harry Potter, Pokémon, Creepypasta, DC, Marvel, Warriorcats, Sonic, Animal Crossing, DDLC or obviously fandom-less or anything else you want! An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Hi! You all know what Harry Potter is, right? Right? Well, if you do, I'm assuming that you have wa. 01.12.2019 · I was bored at midnight and since I previously slept 3 hours and couldn't go back to sleep, I decided to draw cause I can. You don't have to watch the weird JoJo's thing at the end I just wanted.

Am Bahnsteig. Ich sitze auf einer Bank, an einem Bahnsteig. Das triste Grau der einbrechenden Nacht ummantelt die Stille um mich herum. Oder bricht bereits der neue Morgen an, welcher die letzten Reste der Finsternis zu vertreiben versucht, dabei jedoch nur. What if Harry Potter had been affected terribly by his living environment. What if other beings had to step in. 1/3 stories all separate from eachother and during different times of Harry's life but all with a different twist to the Creepypasta tale. Crackhead Creepypasta Reader insert. What else do you want? -Constantly editing and correcting sentences and words- Oh yeah this has cussing/bad words so if you're a holy person don't read this. For detailed information about this series, see: Harry Potter Wiki Harry Potter is a novel series by J.K. Rowling and published by Bloomsbury Publishing. This would later become a.

Terrible crossover fanfiction. This is your challenge: write a crossover fanfiction between the SCP Foundation and any other fictional universe of your choice. It can be hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, or deadly serious, just as long as it is well-written. Extra points scored for "crackiest" crossover. That is all. ~Clef. 28.10.2018 · Y'know, I've been thinking of a Hamilton x Harry Potter crossover for quite a long time And so I waited for someone to make an animatic-- but that's. The Slender Woods is a purgatorial area where the game Slender takes place. The background of the landscape is mainly a series of trees with pages tacked on them. Occasionally you can see Trenderman and Tenderman peeping from the background at the fight. The winner throws the loser into a tunnel. 11.11.2015 · The dramatic, grammatically sound, and previously untold story of how one man tries to kill a baby. Read it yourself here: /s/10450. I went into this story expecting the usual format for a Harry Potter crossover, Harry raised by someone else and wows the wizards with his alchemy, the usual. I suppose I should have known it was different from the title, but as it was I was pleasantly surprised to find out it.

10.03.2016 · What if Harry Potter was raised by snakes? And what if, somehow, the entire backstory and situation was different as well? Read it yourself here. Now, is this the more BRUTAL "Harry Potter" Crossovers. No, but it pretty good in terms of Violence and Horror. Harry Potter does not GET OFF TOO MUCH on Torturing people, but Harry enjoys killing people and showing his 'Thanks' to them. I have to admit that Harry Potter motivation for killing is NICE and Original. It almost makes me wish that. Just so that Harry can practice KEEPING the secret that he is somewhat EVIL and Psychotic Killer. Harry Potter needs obstacles in "Harry Potter and the Creepypasta Family" to make the story INTERESTING. Besides fighting Dark Wizards, killing random people, and random characters in "Harry Potter" that you deem useless. Creepypasta the Fighters/The Laughingstock < Creepypasta the Fighters. Edit. Classic editor History Comments Share. The Laughingstock Location. Candle Cove Music Track. Candle Cove Unofficial Theme The Laughingstock ship is one of the characters of the half-remembered childhood imagination trip that is Candle Cove. He has a face on the bow of the ship. Whenever she reaches an area that. Bloody GIR is an easter egg that appears throughout the Nickelodeon original series Invader Zim. Bloody GIR was born when Nickelodeon refused to allow a scene involving GIR to be covered in blood. The series' crew then inserted the forbidden image into single frames in a few episodes. It is.

09.09.2012 · "Harry Potter Literary Series" "Harry Potter film Series" Harry Let Watch "Fan Fiction Website Category" Read Description Hermione Please Must rape sex violation "how to kill a. The Fanficmaker is written and coded by Thomas Wrobel and Bertine van Hövell. The work produced is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. After defeating Mr. Creepypasta, Teri wished that she could have company back in her house. Much to her delight, she was reunited with her old friend, Will. Now Teri had someone other than herself to talk to back at home. Notes Edit. Krazy-Katie stated that her original backstory has been redone. However, MaxGomora1247 had to use the original. Harry potter crossovers no more, no less, but it can crossover with something else but it has to have harry potter and MLP first and formost, tho when Fimfiction updates to spread to all fandoms only Harry potter will be needed in the crossover, but they have to be readable tho. I want Harry to be a Strong, Fast, better Healing Factor, Durability, and basically be like the STRONGEST Werewolf in existence in the "Harry Potter and Creepypasta Family". At least within reason. Like sliver can HURT Harry, but not kill or Harry can be beaten or challenged by Magical Creatures and SOME "Creepypasta" Characters.

Taming Snakes by DelusionalGrandeur, in which Harry is raised by criminals and becomes a BAMF. Similarly, I thought that The Diadone Method by m0untainc1imber was pretty good. It features a mafia!Harry. I have read Heir to a Warlord, in which Harry Potter becomes the heir to a Somali Warlord. It was OK, but it was a bit too much.

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