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Who is Dr. Ken Leistner? - Legend Fitness.

Dr. Ken on Training Smarter. Dr. Ken Leistner responds. In his distinctive way, Dave is a very important and instructive author. He speaks always from his personal perspective, never pontificates, and understands that there are numerous paths to the same goal. Dr. Kenneth Leistner, “Dr. Ken” as many called him, was a truly influential figure in the powerlifting community. As a competitor, judge, author, and editor, it was clear that Dr. Ken had a passion for strength and conditioning and instilled that passion into his. Dr. Ken Leistner is simply known to many as “Dr. Ken.” Not only is he a chiropractor that’s where the “doctor” thing comes into play, but he is also a renowned expert in strength training, athleticism, gym ownership, and all-around awesomeness. Ken Leistner, Joe Weider, Fred Hatfield M ost Powerlifting USA readers are familiar with my approach to squatting and deadlifting. If one were to construct a routine to use over a lifetime, in order to accrue the benefits that weight training is supposed to offer, my suggested approach is the way to go, I feel.

by Dr. Ken Leistner Dumbbells In a world of specialization during an era of specialization, one of the lost aspects of effective training for powerlifters has come from the demise of dumbbell work. There are those like Louie Simmons who combine many new, innovative approaches to training with “old school”. Zickerman really captures the love, respect and sense of loss that we all have for Dr. Ken. Leistner was so much more than a just a great trainer/educator, he was a really good person. Adam’s comment “big heart” really cuts more than one way with Dr. Ken. 04.02.2011 · In Ken Leistners article Sensible Training - A Logical Approach to Size and Strength, he outlines a very basic workout program. I am going to be trying this for awhile because the time I can lift each week/day is going to be cut down the next few months. I've followed the long distinguished career of Doctor Ken Leistner including his late 1960's writings in "Strength and Health" and fully agree with his approach to H.I.T., with his deadly heavy high repetition squats, straight leg deadlifts, dips, and farmers walks. But, when he posted his famous 23 reps with 407, he was attacked by the High. If you have never heard of or read anything by Dr. Ken Leistner you are probably new to the iron game. His articles have appeared in every worthwhile weight lifting periodical and journal. When you first discover Dr. Ken it is somewhat of a revelation. Thousands of lifters.

Train with full-body workouts. This doesn’t mean that you need to train your entire body in one session, but it does mean that you need to do at least one upper body exercise, one lower body exercise, and one total body exercise in the same workout. 07.09.2010 · by Dr. Ken E. Leistner More of Dr. Ken's original articles are archived on the Cyberpump site and these alone are worth the small annual fee. With all the numerous changes that have taken place in the field of weight training over the years it has never been truer that "the more things change the more they remain the same". Armed with the.

Ken Leistner's thoughts on training made sense to me and allowed me to become a better than average lifter. Often I would come to the gym, warm-up, do one heavy set of squats and leave. In the process, I got very strong. The process was simple. Have a goal for the day. Attain the goal. Go home. Answer: A variety of upper and lower body exercises can be done with Dr. Ken’s Log Bar. Full workouts and exercise instructions are included with the complimentary training guide which comes with each log bar ordered from. Tagged with: Bodybuilding Dr. Ken Leistner Exercise Glutes Gym Health health and fitness Hip training Leg Day Legs Old articles old fitness magazines Old School Powerlifting quads Sports Sports Conditioning Strength The Steel Tip Thigh Training Workout.

09.02.2007 · As someone else pointed out recently on another board, there is no 'Ken Leistner' workout$1.Dr. Ken, like all of us who have trained a number of people, does not use the same routine for everyone Here's one basic all-body routine that I have on this machine. This routine consists of two training days/week and slightly different exercises on each. I started looking around online, and was lucky enough to come across a site called Cyberpump. Here, I found a very different perspective on weight training. Articles by Ken Leistner, Arthur Jones and others, talking about high intensity training and how people screw up by trying to emulate the genetic elite.

After a hard high rep set of hip and thigh work my workouts had to be brief and relatively infrequent. Training in this manner especially when one trains alone the trainee has to be extremely motivated. Through the years Dr. Ken's articles and unique ideas helped to inspire me to maintain this difficult regimen of training.

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