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Make sure when you're doing production webpack builds involving babel, particularly in webpack 3 where you don't have the `mode` option, make sure to set `NODE_ENV=production` when you run webpack. NODE_ENV=production webpack --progress --colors However, react will still be prompted not to switch to production environment, and directlyconsole.logprocess.env.NODE_ENVWe will report undefined. How to set NODE_ENV in webpack, or how to switch react to production environment? NODE_ENV environment variable is commonly used to dictate how to build a javascript app. If it is set to “production”, all debug code should be stripped out. At first, I added the @types/node. node.js documentation: Setting NODE_ENV=. Example. Production deployments will vary in many ways, but a standard convention when deploying in production is to define an environment variable called NODE_ENV and set its value to "production". So as you see cross-env passes to it the right NODE_ENV value for each case and webpack reads this value from it. If you wonder why we need JSON.stringify the reason is that webpack does direct text replacement in there so we need to pass a text value with quotes and JSON.stringify does the job pretty well if you feel lazy like i do:

If I set the NODE_ENV to something other than 'production' I get different bundle sizes compared to if I don't define the plugin at all. When the plugin is defined and NODE_ENV is not production, the process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production' checks in react are set to true and webpack leaves out the shim for using process in the browser https. It's because in postcss.config.js there is a check for process.env.NODE_ENV variable. Even if you set Webpack mode to production it won't automatically change Node environment variable. The simplest way to configure this is to install cross-env package. Each of these will call the regular build command, but also set the NODE_ENV variable to the specific environment we are building. This will allow the variable to be accessed in the Webpack configs. Node 环境变量 process.env.NODE_ENV 之webpack应用. 对于process.env.NODE_ENV困惑起因为在配置webpack时,明明配置了:process.env.NODE_ENV为production,如下:. 上海人、职业经理人、CFO背景,集齐马云三大不喜欢的张勇怎么就成了阿里接班人?作者王琳本文经授权转载自燃财经(ID:rancaijing)9月10日,张勇转正了,他由阿里巴巴董事局候任主席正式成为阿.

NODE_ENV=production webpack --progress --colors 但依然会提示react未切换到生产环境,而且直接console.logprocess.env.NODE_ENV会报undefined. 请问如何在webpack中设置NODE_ENV,或有什么别的方法将react切换到生产环境.

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